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Building and designing our dream home was a project we planned out for many years. As this was our first ever building experience it was important to choose the best possible General Contractor for the job. After receiving several quotes it was very clear that Gordon Ross stood out as the best choice. He is well known and respected by the local building community and trades.

Working with Gordon was a pleasure from beginning to end. He exceeded our expectations in his role as General Contractor. Choosing an amazingly talented crew, thinking outside the box, attention to detail, resourcefulness, and respect for us as clients are some of the strengths that make him so good at what he does as a professional.

Working with Gordon brought our dream home to reality in ways we could not have imagined. We would highly recommend him!

When my wife and I decided to build a house we needed to find a contractor.  We asked various individuals and businesses who they used and many said Gordon Ross Contracting Ltd. I asked them if they were happy with the quality of construction and they said yes. I then contacted Gordon Ross Contracting and had him show us some of the houses that he had constructed. I also looked at a number of houses that were in various stages of construction.  Once I was satisfied that he was a good builder I hired him to build our house.  Any construction issues that came up were quickly and effectively rectified.


I have no hesitation in recommending Gordon Ross Contracting Ltd as a quality builder.



We had the pleasure of working with Gordon Ross on the construction of our new home. We can recommend Gordon Ross highly and without reservation.

Throughout the course of our new home construction, Gordon Ross was a consummate professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. He was absolutely clear in his record keeping and time log. He chose and managed the sub-contractors well. We were located remotely from our new home construction and Gordon Ross ensured we were kept up to date in timely fashion.

Our home was completed with care and precision. We could not be happier and would not hesitate to use Gordon Ross Contracting in the future.

"I hired Gordon Ross Contracting to build a large garage and shop on my vacation property at Bridge Lake. He was excellent at working around my schedule and upon completion came in below our original budget estimates. The final product ticked off all of our boxes and looks great. I have no hesitation in recommending Gordon Ross Contracting."



Gordon considers customer satisfaction to be the most important part of his successful business formula.

Nothing is as credible as testimonials from recent customers themselves – they indicate experience and the desire to deliver premium service. If you’re considering a new project, please take a moment to read the following:

“Gordon Ross Contracting Ltd. has built four projects for us at our Roe Lake residence.

  • 1999- Gordon and his crew built a 750 sq.ft. sundeck on the front of our cabin.

  • 2005- Gordon constructed and co-ordinated subtrades to demolish our old fireplace and install an Opel fireplace from floor to ceiling with cultured stone as well as a 25ft. exposed chimney.

  • 2007- Gordon constructed a 1500 sq.ft. addition using quad-lock ICF. He did major renovations to the existing 1000 sq.ft. cabin from installing double-glazed windows to strapping and insulating the old to tie into the new.

  • 2008- Gordon and his crew built a 6-Bay(26’x65’)Garage which included a woodshed and a bay for our travel trailer with powered doors.

From the foundation to the finishing, the men that have worked on our home have been very professional and could not do enough to please us. Gordon’s insight was invaluable not only in the planning stage but throughout the construction.

On all the projects that Gordon has done for us he has always been on time and on budget. He has acted as a General Contractor and the quality of the workmanship has been second to none. We have found that Gordon Ross is a very ‘hands on’ contractor.”

Richard & Margorie

“Our overall experience with Gordon Ross was a pleasing one. We did not start out to build a ‘dream’ home, but with Gord’s assistance that’s what we ended up with. He was able to help us find someone to draw up the plans and also tradesmen to install the septic system, well, etc. We are pleased with the quality of construction overall and also Gord’s readiness to accommodate any reasonable request to make a change in the original plan.

We chose to build a ‘Quad-Lock” home on Gord’s recommendation, which turned out to be a good choice. We were concerned with the cold winters in our area and having concrete walls insulated with foam keeps our home very warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer. Very cost effective.

We have had many compliments about our home from friends and also from passing strangers. We would not hesitate to recommend Gordon Ross Contracting to anyone.”



“We used Gordon Ross Contracting to construct a four car garage for us at Bridge Lake, B.C. and were very happy with the results! The project was completed in a timely manner and on budget! Gordie was very helpful in working with us to design the type of structure that was going to best suit our needs. His crew were efficient and tidy while on the job site and we were very happy with the end result. We would not hesitate whatsoever to recommend Gordon Ross Contracting to anyone looking for reliable, quality workmanship.”

“In 1998, we had Gordon Ross Contracting build us a small house. According to my friend, who installed the prefab wood floors, the house was square and a pleasure to work in. In 2001, we added to the house, using Gordon Ross again and doubling its size.

Not only does it not look like an add on, but the quality of workmanship was excellent. Gordon Ross was very easy to work with and his crew was wonderful. I would recommend Gordon and can’t say enough about our retirement home.”



“After meeting with three local contractors, my wife and I chose Gordon Ross to build the first building on our undeveloped property. It was a garage with full plumbing and finished interior walls etc. We were quite pleased with the building and the subs he had do the septic system and excavation in general. He completed the work within a reasonable time period and kept us informed of progress etc.

Three years later we were ready for the house to be built and again went to Gordon for the contract. He built us a 2500 square foot building featuring a walk out basement. I had some specific ideas for some aspects of the house and Gordon worked with me and did all to my satisfaction.

We would feel confident to send anyone to see Gordon Ross Contracting to have a quality construction job done.”

“It is our pleasure to give a “thank you” to Gordon Ross for the meticulous way he saw to the construction of our home in the Cariboo. We found Gordon to be helpful with suggestions, for letting us do some of the work and for including both of us in the overall consultation process. He not only helped adapt the plans we had drawn up but also was careful in the finishing detail of the house. Ask him to direct you for a visit.”




“Gordie Ross built my Viceroy package home overlooking Canim Lake in 2003. I was new to the area, and Gord was highly recommended by people who knew the local builders. My project presented some challenges in its design. Moreover, I was very picky about the energy efficiency of the construction. I found Gord very easy to work with. He took the project from the ground up, was willing to listen to and accommodate my ideas, handled the inevitable glitches with ease, and made some suggestions to me that improved the final construction. He is a trustworthy gentleman, and I recommend Gord without reservation”.

“I want people to know what a wonderful job you and your team did in assembling our log cabin and later building our shed and garage. The quality of the workmanship was superb, the work was completed on time and within budget. I don’t think that’s an easy process when dealing with log cabins versus more traditional homes. We very much enjoyed working with you. We also greatly appreciated the suggested modifications you made to the architect’s drawings to make the cabin as functional as possible and give us extra space. The power and septic systems were installed without a hitch, and we encountered no permit problems that might have slowed down the building process. I can only associate this with the many years of experience that you have in the construction business. The cabin is now approximately 5 years old and is still solid as can be. No leakages, cracks, or abnormal settling has occurred. We have also appreciated your advice in maintaining the integrity of the cabin with your many visits to the cabin since it was completed.

I plan on retiring in mid-July, and Susan and I anticipate spending more and more time at the cabin… our home away from home. Thanks for all that you have done for us.”



“As a past client of Gordon Ross Contracting, I gladly affirm that I was very happy to have you as contractor. We built a big frame house on Bridge Lake 13 years ago, which was finished within an incredible 10 weeks! We especially appreciated your reliability, prudence and correctness, the high quality of workmanship and the competence and kindliness of your crew. Since it was built in 1995 we haven’t have any problems with our house.


We will come to Canada on the 4th of July and enjoy our house again! Looking forward to see you.”

“In early 2006 we began the process of building our dream home. We toyed with the idea of building ourselves but came to conclusion that having an experienced contractor was the best way to go. We had heard of Gordon Ross Construction through friends and knew that Gordie was someone we wanted to speak with. We met at our property and showed him our vision which at that time was a selection of cabin photographs in magazines and a rough drawing on a napkin. Gordon’s expertise in pointing out where improvements could be made was very valuable and we respected his suggestions and experience building in the Cariboo. We moved forward with our plan to have our home built by Gordie and his crew to the “lock up” stage.

Within a very short time, we had our home finalized on paper, cleared our building site and in September 2006 construction began. Living in Delta and not being able to be on site was heart wrenching as our excitement was tremendous. Communication via telephone, email and photographs as the work progressed was wonderful. By the end of December 2007, the house was up with the roof on.

We felt the project progressed in a very efficient manner. There were no delays by the crew or the schedule of work as it proceeding. Excavation, foundation, framing and roofing all proceeded as planned, on time and within budget.

Gordie Ross has built a quality home to the lock up stage for us and we are very confident in recommending him and his crew. We are pleased to recommend Gordon Ross Construction as a reliable, quality builder.”



“Beginning late 2004 Gordon Ross began building a garage on our property on Bridge Lake and then in 2005, he and his crew and subs completed our retirement home on the property, which for us is a “seasonal residence” since we are US citizens.

We found “Gordy” through the recommendations of local residents who attested to his thoroughness in seeing to detail, of the quality of his work and to his integrity. After speaking with him and as we contemplated our new home, Carol my wife and I decided he was the one we wanted to work with. We considered no other contractors. This for us has been our largest investment and we naturally wanted it to go well.

From beginning to end, construction went as well as could ever be hoped for. Though we were not locally available for most of the construction, Gordy kept us informed, usually by email but by phone as well. We were sent pictures of construction progress and when the unknown came into view, like a room size boulder where our basement was to be, he readily provided the cost change and the method to deal with the issue.

Our questions were always dealt with politely and efficiently even given our somewhat novice status about construction. Many have seen our home and the comments overwhelmingly confirm the beauty of the home and its quality and we’ve already had the opportunity to share our good fortune with others seeking a builder for their projects.

To me, one of the most important aspects of having a new building is the contractor follow-up. I want my questions answered and if something was missed I want it right. First of all, very little hit my punch list because Gordy was so thorough. Questions were answered and follow-up was almost immediate on those few things I inquired about.

I have no hesitancy in recommending Gordon Ross and his team of subs and crew. Should you choose him as your builder, you can be assured he will help you to maximize your investment both financially and ascetically.”

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